Solar-Powered Mobile Library

In order to educate out-of-school children, particularly girls in a deeply conservative and impoverished community, the Solar-Powered Mobile Library is an innovative Education for Sustainable Development (ESD) project combines clean energy with youth stewardship. This project, which is implemented in a group of 8 villages in Bangladesh’s Barisal district, takes the library to the homes of about 8000 children who are out of school. A solar-powered van filled with books, a seating area, lighting, and a fan make up the mobile library, which gives children a secure place to study even in adverse weather conditions. The van travels from village to village with female youth volunteers from within the community who have been trained by us. They not only distribute books to children, they also read them out and conduct story-telling sessions for young learners or those who cannot read, so that knowledge continues to get imparted, overcoming local challenges.