Green Hope's Solar Initiative - Powering Communities

Green Hope Foundation works on SDG7, Affordable & Clean Energy. We are installing solar panels in the villages of Liberia to provide fossil-fuel-free electricity so that the children can study at night and secure their future. Green Hope Foundation has also been distributing solar lamps to rural communities in India, Bangladesh and Kenya. We believe that empowering youth is only possible if we provide them with education.

We provide skills-based training on the importance of clean energy through the SDG workshops regularly conducted by our members to ensure that the people of these communities are aware of the problems and are able to find local sustainable solutions to solve them. Through our efforts to provide solar panels and solar lamps to these communities, we are also implementing SDG4, Quality Education.

How can we expect the children to study at night if they don’t have a source of light?

Solar Lamps Distribution

Solar Lamps Distribution - Nepal
Rann of Kutch 1
Rann of Kutch, India
Rann of Kutch 2
Rann of Kutch, India
Solar Lamps Distribution - Bangladesh(1)