Clean Water And Sanitation

Clean Water

Green Hope Foundation is providing clean water and sanitation to the villages of Bangladesh. We have done this by distributing water filters and sanitation packs, especially during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Green Hope Foundation has now installed Deep Bore Tube Wells. This is their first-ever source of clean, arsenic-free water. Previously, the villagers used to use the river water for consumption, washing their clothes and defecation. They suffered from unknown diseases that rotted away at their skin and teeth, which caused the death of many elderly people and children. We have been able to rectify this issue through the installation of the Deep Bore Tube Wells.

Green Hope Foundation has also installed toilets in these villages. In the past, there were no toilets in the villages, and the people, especially the women and girls, faced several problems due to a lack of proper hygiene and sanitation.

Implementing SDG 6, Clean Water And Sanitation is critical if we are to ensure A Life of Dignity for All.

Clean Water

Sanitation & Hygiene