Climate-Smart Agriculture Powered by
Agrovoltaic Systems

Climate change is the greatest existential threat that we are facing today. The consumption of fossil fuels and activities linked to the agricultural sector are two of the largest amplifiers of climate change because they emit greenhouse gases, which cause global warming. So, the solution to cutting on on greenhouse gas emissions must be renewable energy, combined with sustainable agriculture.

Green Hope Foundation has installed an Agrovoltaic Energy System in a village in Bangladesh. This system works by using the same area of land to obtain both solar energy and agricultural products. The shade from the panels that is cast on crops increases the productivity of the crops. The main benefit of agrovoltaics is that it reduces greenhouse gas emissions from the agricultural sector, thus enabling the farmers of this village to practice climate-smart agriculture.

This clean tech solution has now been upscaled ti rural communities suffering from climate impacts and land degradation in India and Liberia. 

Total impact: 95,000 and counting

At Green Hope Foundation, we believe in localizing the SDGs. This project aids in the implementation of SDG7 – Affordable & Clean Energy, SDG13 – Climate Action, SDG2 – Zero Hunger, SDG6 – Clean Water & Sanitation, SDG15 – Life On Land, and SDG16 – Peace, Justice & Strong Institutions, which will bring peace & happiness to our communities.