Dubai’s green message reaches Amazon

Dubai’s green message reaches Amazon

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The team was invited by the Cabinet of the President of the Republic of Suriname.

A group of eco-warriors in Dubai travelled to the world’s largest tropical rainforest to educate indigenous tribes on preserving their greenery and keeping planet earth healthy.

Six members from the Green Hope organisation, four of whom were from the UAE, took their message of a greener planet all the way to the Amazon rainforest this month.

The Green Hope group consists of hundreds of members who are situated all over the world. A Dubai-based student, Kehkashan Basu, had started the organisation several years ago, and now its members travel worldwide, educating the public on being environment- friendly.

“The Green Hope team travelled into the Amazon rainforest and engaged with children of the local tribes, educating them about the importance of not taking their forests for granted and to adopt simple sustainable concepts of recycling, waste reduction, tree planting and avoiding plastic usage,” Basu said.

The team was invited by the Cabinet of the President of the Republic of Suriname to support the involvement of Surinamese youth in UN’s sustainable development goals. They also worked with Amazon’s Maroon tribe and carried out workshops for them.

Suriname is a very small country located on the northeastern coast of South America and majority of it is covered by the Amazon rainforest.

“We spoke to them about environmental conservation, how they can protect the planet by taking small steps in their own community. We also stressed on the harmful effects of plastic and why they should say no to plastic,” she said.

“After the presentation, we gave them white T-shirts and asked them to express their solutions to these environmental challenges through art. Plastic pollution is a huge challenge worldwide and Suriname is no exception. The youth need more awareness. We also planted trees with them – Moringa and Neem trees.

“You can’t imagine how green the country is. The tribes didn’t have much knowledge about the harmful effects of plastic, but they do keep their surroundings clean. Our presentation actually helped them to come up with simple solutions.

“The children enjoyed the art workshop and the tree planting. Their simplicity and the urge to do something for the planet really touched our hearts.”

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