The COVID-19 pandemic has exposed the deep inequalities that divide our societies. The pandemic has had a greater impact on vulnerable sections of civil society and within them on women and girls. Green Hope’s project “Together We Are Stronger” is working to alleviate this suffering as well as build resilience through improved hygiene and sanitation. Our objective is to build long term resilience amongst this affected community for the current as well as future pandemics , in accordance with the United Nations mandate of “Leave No One Behind” that is the cornerstone of the Sustainable Development Goals. We are working amongst vulnerable communities in both urban settings and in villages, achieving our objective through education and awareness building about sanitation, implementing hygiene in their homes, providing resources like soaps , sanitary napkins, masks and drinking water storage containers in collaboration with local SME producers,  thereby establishing a circular economy.

Our project is supporting the  women and girls in Dhaka’s slums . They are especially vulnerable to this pandemic due to a combination of poverty, social strictures, lack of education , absence of healthcare and sanitation facilities.

In villages, where the residents have lost their sources of income working  in cities as migrant workers, due to economic slowdown and absence of tourists, we are providing them with the education and resources to embark on sustainable revenue generation opportunities – organic farming , livestock rearing, and sustainable fisheries. These villagers suffer from chronic illnesses drinking contaminated groundwater and our project is supplying households with water filters which , for the first time in their lives, is providing them with clean drinking water.


Help people with Hygiene Pack to fight with COVID-19

Our advocacy has gone digital and we continue to engage, educate and empower through our virtual workshops and webinars that have impacted over 20,000 people.

Online Advocacy

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